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Welcome to the home page of the T4GB International DX Group. As we slide into sun spot cycle 25 (peaking mid 2025) we can look forward to some exceptionally good DX on the 11 meter band or 27Mhz. This is a DX community group for CB'ers who are interested in joining a group of like minded individuals from around the world. The group is new in 2023 and is administered by it's founding member, Op Brian who's call sign is - 41T4GB159 or simply T4GB159. Country prefixes are used only in QSL requests so that the radio Operators know where the person is when sending QSL cards to each other.

Like most International DX'ers T4GB members monitor the International call frequency 27.555 Mhz and normally QSY to 27.580 or 27.595 if the channel is busy. If you hear a T4GB member above .555 give him or her a QSK and say hello.

The chart above shows the sun spot (solar cycle) activity since 2011. The current value (you are here) was taken in early 2023. We are currently in Solar Cycle 25 and it is expected to peak above 200 sunspots in 2025. This will increase DX skip potential around the world and contacts will be easily made on low power. We will be updating this chart every few months as and when the conditions improve.

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The T4GB International DX Group was founded in 2023 by veteran CB DX'er 159 Brian who was very active in the late 70's and early 80's in South Africa. Brian acheived his 100 countries in 1979-80 and later 300 countries worked in 1985 as an Alpha Tango member (44AT159). In those days the rig was a valve driven Yaesu FT101 with a 3 element Yagi antenna. Today, Brian is back to using a home base 5/8 vertical antenna connected to his AnyTone 6666 transceiver.

"The 11 meter band is alive and well and will be for a good few years to come. We welcome DX'ers from all over the world so come up and say hello!"

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About T4GB DX Group

Derived from the original radio 'Ten' code, a regular phrase was often heard across the CB bands back in the 80's. 'Ten Four Good Buddy' meaning roger that my friend, a poilte acknowledgement of the conversation. A quick '10-4' was also often used instead of yes, or affirmative. Our DX group is named after this famous phrase. T4GB stands for 10-4 Good Buddy.

The DX group was created in 2023 by veteran DX'er Brian with the hopes of attracting English speaking CB radio operators who transmit soley on the 11 meter band (27Mhz). The Group monitors the International calling frequency 27.555 and we usually go up to 27.580 for the QSO. Listen out for the T4GB callsign on both frequencies.

If you would like to join the group and get your own unique call sign please get in touch with Brian. You can apply by clicking the Membership button at the top of the page, this will take you to our application form.

Our callsign starts with the country prefix like UK (26T4GB) or South Africa (44T4GB) and Australia (43T4GB) and you will be allocated an operator number at the end of the call sign. You can also request an operator number if you already use a number that has been with you for a long time or with another DX group, so long as it isnt already taken. PLEASE NOTE the GB in the call sign does not mean this is a British DX group, it simply stands for 'Good Buddy'. 73's and good DX. We hope to hear from you.

T4GB DX Group Uses CBLogBook for Logging QSO's